How to cut the machine for hair

How to cut the machine for hair

It is possible to cut the husband or the child and in house conditions, without spending money for hairstyle in hairdressing salons. If houses you have machine for hairstyle of hair, then it will not make big work. The main thing is the nobility as it is correct to make it that the hairstyle has turned out on conscience.


  1. Before work it is necessary to comb hair as they grow in the natural direction. Brush from temple to ear, from darkness towards forehead, behind towards neck. Begin hairstyle with forehead. If hair very long, comb them on forehead. Raise locks hairbrush and install the machine at the beginning of growth of hair. Carry out men's short hairstyle on dry hair. At the same time use the biggest nozzle. You enter the machine into hair against their growth. The machine it is necessary to Vestie, pressing to the surface of the head, but without changing corner. You hold hairbrush at hairstyle in the left hand, so it will be more convenient to you. Cut hair strips. If the hairstyle was begun with forehead, then the front page has to pass in the middle of the head. The second - near the first, and the third and fourth, respectively, at the left ear.
  2. When you begin to cut nape, use smaller nozzle. For example, if you cut at first nozzle in 12 mm, then then take nozzle of 9 mm. Begin hairstyle from below and conduct the machine up. At first you hold the tool skintight to the head, at darkness slightly tear off from the head.
  3. For temples take nozzle of 6 mm. At the same time it is necessary to comb hair diversely. At upper part of ears some grow towards neck, and others - towards temple therefore the direction of the machine needs to be changed to direct it against growth of hair. For convenience you can unbend edge of ear the left hand. Then remove nozzle. The machine make smooth transition from short hair that are cut before it. Also make at temples, behind ears and near neck.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team