How to cut the machine hair

How to cut the machine hair

The machine for hairstyle of hair facilitates life of men a little, it is possible to have hair cut in house conditions and without turns which are constantly observed in hairdressing salons. It is not difficult to cut hair at all, and, of course, the head will look tidily.


  1. Well wash the head. Dry hair, otherwise the machine will badly slide that can provoke strong irritation of skin. It is undesirable to shear dirty hair too, skin fat will be hammered into machine knife.
  2. Install the necessary nozzle on the device. Length which remains after use of any given nozzle is specified in the instruction to the machine. Then you can start hairstyle. If someone can help you, then it is even better, to cut nape hair independently rather hard.
  3. Begin to drive slowly the machine against growth of hair. Gradually shear all curls, then wash the head. Attentively look whether everywhere it has turned out exactly if is not present, straighten. Issue whisky on the taste by means of the machine or usually safety razor. If you have bang, straighten it with scissors which often go complete with the machine.
  4. After everything is straightened and simulated, can wash the head on time, but it is necessary only if you have very sensitive skin. Apply a little aftershave lotion on hair to avoid irritation, at hairstyle skin can be injured by the machine.
  5. Shear hair periodically, being guided by their length. The Podstrigatelny machine badly cuts off too big length that worsens quality of hairstyle and time for it it will be required slightly more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team