How to cut the splitting hair independently

How to cut the splitting hair independently

Split ends – constant problem of owners of dry or dyed hair. To solve it, it is optional to address every time the professional. It is possible to cut the splitting hair independently in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - scissors with fine edges.


  1. Buy special scissors for hairstyle of hair. Ordinary office scissors, as a rule, are insufficiently sharp and leave fragmentary cut which can lead further to splitting of hair.
  2. Comb and slightly moisten hair. Separate hairbrush small lock and clamp its end two fingers. Cut off the splitting hair perpendicularly. So the area of cut will be less, than at diagonal hairstyle, and the probability of splitting of hair will decrease.
  3. Other way of hairstyle of the splitting hair. Separate locks and twist it dense plait. Tips of hair will stick out, and you will easily notice the damaged ends. Accurately shear them. Dismiss lock, comb it and twist in the opposite direction. This way is suitable for the graduated hairstyles. With dark hair it is better to work not light background, and with light – on dark.
  4. Removal of the splitting ends can be combined with straightening of the grown hair. In this case moist hair carefully comb hair and their ends have hair cut at necessary length, as a rule, no more than 5 cm.
  5. That hair did not split, it is necessary to look after them correctly. After washing of the head you apply the moisturizing balm on locks. When using the iron, curling iron or hair dryer for creation of hairstyle surely protect hair special thermoprotective equipment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team