How to cut wavy hair

How to cut wavy hair

Wavy hair – dream of many women who do laying twist hair by means of hair curlers, carry out chemical wave. But owners of curls and waves often at all not delighted with it as it is difficult to lay or cut them. To pick up hairstyle for curly hair – true art, and the equipment demands professional execution.


  1. Address professional master. The competent hairdresser not only will correctly cut hair, using special receptions and technicians for wavy hair, but also will advise the hairstyle suitable structure and condition of your hair. The fact is that curly hair has other than straight lines, porous structure and other internal building. The curly hair possesses the flat form reminding oval in section. Such hair split more, fragilities are more often subject.
  2. Choose such hairstyles which do not demand long and difficult laying. It is more difficult to put wavy hair in order therefore the hairstyle in itself has to keep the necessary shape. It is better to choose options with average length of hair, short hairstyles of curly hair very seldom well look. Use graduation and multiple layers to emphasize waves and curls. Select hairstyle, proceeding from shape of the head, face proportions and other specific features.
  3. If you have round face and wavy hair, choose hairstyles to chin. Small curlies well look on asymmetric hairstyles, and it is better to cut waves short flight of stairs with thick bangs. Curls can soften the line of cheekbones if you have wide person.
  4. Stylists strictly forbid to use thinning shears for wavy hair. Tapering at the same time is carried out by means of others the technician – direct scissors according to reception under the name "poynting". Ask the hairdresser to consider it at hairstyle, competent masters will accurately make thus tapering, having given to the ends the structural form which well looks on wavy hairstyle.
  5. At hairstyle of wavy hair it is necessary to cut off tips accurately. Experts recommend to use technology of "hot scissors" which solders tips, interfering with loss of moisture and protecting hair from section. Do not cut wavy hair the razor at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team