How to cut whisky

How to cut whisky

To decorate, cut, do hair - difficult task. It turns out not at all. Only really in love with elements of hair, curls, forms and waves this creative process works well. Each master brings the personal vision in hairstyle, creates fancy.


  1. Fringing of temples - the responsible stage demanding accuracy and attentiveness. Whisky does direct, slanting, triangular, to lobe of ears, on the middle of ear. The choice of length of temples and their form sometimes cause difficulties in beginners, besides it is necessary to make them symmetric, the identical size, length and volumes.
  2. For performance hairstyles in house conditions it is necessary to have simple tool kit: hairbrush, scissors, razor and clips. When performing universal short female hairstyle moisten clean hair. From forehead to occipital part on the center of the head you otcheshit vertical hair parting the site of hair. Pin up by means of clip.
  3. Comb the rest on temples down. Length of hair of temporal locks has to be the same, as well as parietal. You discipline this lock vertically and scissors cut off hair, having pressed down palm edge to skin that hair did not slip out cloths of scissors at cut.
  4. For performance of classical men's hairstyle, moisten hair and divide them into zones. Begin with the right temporal zone. Allocate with diagonal hair parting lock, parallel to the regional line of growth of hair. Otcheshite on the person also cut off temple corner to the person. Otcheshite down also execute temple fringing. The temple has to be direct.
  5. Allocate with horizontal hair parting lock of hair on temple, delay at right angle and cut direct cut. Allocating lock behind lock horizontal hair partings, cut hair of temporal zones at first from right, and then on the left side.
  6. To trim hair below the line of fringing, slightly pull the client's skin on the razor course. You watch closely round the corner razor inclination not to wound the client's skin. Movements of the razor have to be lungs, without efforts, strictly from top to down with undercut.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team