How to decolour black hair

How to decolour black hair

The most difficult is decolorization of black hair. There are many national ways to clarify black hair, but the only way to decolour them is to use hydrogen peroxide. It is the best of all to entrust this difficult procedure to professionals, but it is possible to try to make it and independently in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - solution for decolorization;
  • - vazedin or fat cream;
  • - cotton tampon or sponge;
  • - gloves;
  • - acetic solution or lemon juice;


  1. It is necessary to remember that it is impossible to decolour clean hair. Best of all to be engaged in it in three-four days after you have washed hair. In this case the natural layer of fat will serve as protection for head skin.
  2. Solution for decolorization should be prepared in ceramic or glasswares, not in metal at all, otherwise compound of metal with oxygen will give reaction which will spoil result. Degree of concentration of peroxide has to be different for different hair. The hair and poristy its structure is thinner, the peroxide has to be less concentrated. To clarify thick hair, use peroxide from 8% to 11%, for thin take % solution 3 or 4.
  3. Before the coloring grease forehead at roots of hair and also temples and neck with vaseline or any fat dense cream. It is necessary not to get skin burn. Solution is applied in gloves. If hair long, then it is necessary to divide them into hair partings and to apply solution on all to length, since tips. Short hair is dyed from roots, using cotton tampon or sponge. You should not wrap up the head as when coloring as at temperature increase solution can burn hair and skin.
  4. If you need to clarify only the grown roots, then it is necessary to do it extremely accurately. It is possible to cause dense structure, trying not to get on the painted part of hair, otherwise mono to spoil hair. One more way is to spray accurately decolouring structure by means of spray. It can be done once a week, before washing of the head. Then you will always have accurate painted-over roots of hair.
  5. Difficult and it is even dangerous to clarify black hair in one step therefore it is better to carry out process of decolorization in several steps. If to try to make it at once, wishing to achieve the maximum effect, that is big risk to spoil hair, especially if they at you thin. Drag out process of decolorization for several weeks better, clarifying every time on couple of tones.
  6. The average time of the procedure – twenty minutes. But it approximately. Everything depends on their length and structure, on concentration of peroxide and desirable effect. As the decolouring solution is very harmful, it is necessary to control as it influences your hair. Check just every minute whether the structure of hair was damaged. At any change immediately wash away.
  7. After coloring wash away peroxide water, and then rinse with acetic solution or water with addition of lemon juice. It will help to wash up residues of alkali from hair and to restore them a little. If you are not sure of the abilities, then better make it in elephant at the skilled master.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team