How to decolour hair by means of peroxide

How to decolour hair by means of peroxide

The fastest and effective way of clarification of hair is hydrogen peroxide use. But as this very active chemical, its action on hair is pernicious. They are dried up, become dim and fragile if it is wrong to carry out the procedure or it to abuse. In spite of the fact that is issued enough dyes which are not doing such harm to hair many choose hydrogen peroxide.

It is required to you

  • - hydroperit tablets;
  • - nonmetallic cup;
  • - cream or vaseline;
  • - gloves;
  • - brush for putting paint on hair;
  • - wooden or plastic hairbrush;
  • - shampoo and hair balm.


  1. If you clarify hair of average length and thickness, prepare 50-60 ml of 6-12% of solution of peroxide of hydrogen. For thinner and, on the contrary, thick hair, make concentration slightly more or less. Prepare small stock that at the most inappropriate moment solution has not reached a limit.
  2. Pour 30 ml of warm water into glass, plastic or porcelain cup and lower in it 9 tablets of the hydroperit. At you 9% hydrogen peroxide solution will turn out. Add to it a little divorced soap that it was more convenient to apply mix.
  3. Grease skin on edge of border of hair with nutritious cream or vaseline for protection it in case of hit of active agent. Put on gloves and begin to apply the clarifying mix on hair.
  4. At first process nape hair – separate at the same time locks hair parting. If you have short hair, then begin with roots, long humidify with solution since the ends. In conclusion comb wooden or plastic hairbrush with rare teeths, lay locks on the head and cover with reticulum that they did not fall down on shoulders. It is not necessary to close polyethylene and to wrap up with towel, otherwise chemical reaction will be resulted by strong heating, and it is possible to burn hair.
  5. You monitor clarification process when hair are the necessary tone, wash away from them peroxide warm water. But be careful, do not leave it on hair longer than half an hour. This time can be more or less, depending on concentration of active agent.
  6. Wash up the head shampoo and apply balm for 20-30 minutes. Look after the clarified hair, do masks, humidify them with oils. Never comb damp. After growth of dark roots repeat the procedure of clarification, trying not to apply peroxide on already decoloured sites.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team