How to decolour hair by means of white henna

How to decolour hair by means of white henna

White henna is the chemical paint decolouring hair thanks to availability of hydrogen peroxide in it in high concentration. With natural henna of plant origin it is united only by the name.

It is required to you

  • - nonmetallic bowl for paint;
  • - brush;
  • - old towel or sheet;
  • - fat cream.


  1. In 48 hours prior to coloring carry out the test for sensitivity of skin. Mix small amount of powder of white henna with oxidizer (activator). Apply mix to clean skin of elbow bend or behind ear. Try not to wet and not to touch this site. If within the next 2 days on skin there is reddening or irritation, wash away paint water and refuse the idea of clarification of hair white henna. Perhaps, you will suit other paint.
  2. If the irritation on skin has not arisen, then start paint preparation. In nonmetallic capacity pour oxidizer, then pour into it henna. Determine proportions for mixing by the instruction to paint. Brush for coloring stir henna with oxidizer before receiving homogeneous mass.
  3. Throw shoulders with old towel or sheet for protection of clothes against paint hit. Smear skin on border with hair with fat cream. Put on gloves.
  4. If your hair have not been earlier decoloured, apply paint on all length of hair. Time during which you need to hold paint, is defined in the instruction.
  5. If your hair have been already clarified, then apply paint at first on roots. In 10 minutes prior to the expiration of the put hold time of paint distribute its remains on length. You should not apply paint on length at the beginning of coloring because it injures hair. Its drawing in 10 minutes prior to washing off will allow to level color of roots and length without essential harm for hair.
  6. If after putting paint you have felt the naggers or burning of head skin, immediately wash away it. You risk to get burn.
  7. If unpleasant feelings have not arisen, then after the expiration of the put time wash hair from paint with flowing water. Apply on them balm or the conditioner which is usually applied to paint.
  8. If extent of clarification of hair after use of white henna has not satisfied you, then repeat coloring in 1-2 weeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team