How to decolour hair folk remedies

How to decolour hair folk remedies

Decolorization of hair folk remedies — quite cheap way. It has been widespread still when products of cosmetics and perfumery were considered as deficiency. But also now has not lost the relevance. It is alternative to clarification of hair by means of chemical means.

It is required to you

  • For preparation of mask with camomile it will be required:
  • - 1 tablespoon of flowers of camomile field;
  • - 1 spoon of nettle;
  • - 0.5 l of boiled water.
  • It is necessary for preparation of mask with lemon:
  • - 400 g of vinegar;
  • - 4 lemons;
  • - on 20 g of dry camomile and calendula;
  • - on 50 g of rhubarb, honey and alcohol.


  1. For clarification of hair folk remedies often use masks with camomile, lemon and honey. Let's treat everyone their them apart.
  2. Mask with honey. First of all wash the head mix of handful of salt and shampoo. Then apply honey on clean, moist hair, evenly distributing it on all length, from roots to tips. Such mask should be done when you do not gather anywhere and you will be all day of the house as it is necessary to hold it quite long time (9-10 hours). If you are going to do mask for the night, then it will be necessary to collect hair in kerchief. Honey has the properties close to properties of peroxide of hydrogen, it not only helps to clarify the available color, but also to eat old without consequences. This mask levels your shade and does hair more well-groomed and healthy by sight.
  3. Mask with camomile. Add to water the crushed flowers of camomile field and boil 20 minutes. Then cool ready mix and filter through gauze. Then apply this broth on hair and you hold 1 hour. Decolorization of hair by means of camomile field should be carried out regularly. This mask will add to your hair pleasant gloss and gold color.
  4. Mask with lemon. With vinegar add the crushed stalk of rhubarb to pan and boil 10 minutes on average fire. Then pour in lemon juice of two lemons, put dry camomile with calendula and you weary also on average fire even minutes 5-10. Then filter mix and to allow it to cool down within two hours. Add lemon juice of two remained lemons, alcohol and the softened honey to cold mask. Every time just before application you part 1 tablespoon of mask with lemon in water liter. Rinse with this mix clean moist hair and do not wash away within 30 minutes. Then wash out hair large amount of warm water. Remember that juice of lemon allows hair to become two tones lighter.

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