How to decolour hair standing

How to decolour hair standing

It has so developed that the female body seems to more beautiful if it is exempted from excess hair. Body hair are brutal and do not add to the weaker sex either beauty, or femininity. Therefore women throughout all history tried to get rid of body hair and especially standing, subjecting themselves sometimes to painful procedures. There is one more option to solve problem of undesirable hair is to decolour them.

It is required to you

  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - liquid ammonia;
  • - vaseline;
  • - lanolin;
  • - monoacetylaniline;
  • - camomile broth;
  • - hair-dye;
  • - the moisturizing cream.


1. The old and effective to clarify hairway standing is to use hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to grease several times during the day legs with five-percent solution of peroxide with the added liquid ammonia. You hold structure standing minutes twenty, then wash away. Gradually hair will brighten and will become almost imperceptible. You can feel burning during clarification. Do not use this method if you have allergy to peroxide.

2. It is possible to make differently. Mix with water hydrogen peroxide at the rate of one to five, wet fabric in solution and apply to legs for one or two hours. Do so within several days before emergence of the necessary result.

3. You can prepare the clarifying ointment. Buy vaseline, lanolin, hydrogen peroxide, monoacetylaniline in drugstore and mix. Regularly grease the leg received by ointment, and hair standing not only will lose color, but also will become thinner also more brittle.

4. Camomile broth with which rinse fair hair in order that the natural hair color became lighter can clarify also hair standing. Only this way suits not all but only to those who have rather fair hair as camomile broth – natural dye and has no that effect which is possessed by chemical means. It is necessary just to moisten several times during the day them standing with broth (by means of the fabric soaked in it or cotton pad) and to allow to dry. Broth has to be strong. It is the most harmless, but also less effective way.

5. It is possible to use usual hair-dye. Choose that that clarifies on several tones, following the instruction, prepare structure and apply on half an hour. This way has one nuance. As in this case there is coloring of hair, but not decolorization, sometimes the result can be unexpected. If you have, for example, very dark hair, then they can turn yellow.

6. On sale there are also special means for clarification of hair standing. Also moisturizing cream and the skin conditioner is their part.

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