How to decolour hair without harm

How to decolour hair without harm

Decolorization of hair, as a rule, is carried out by means of hydrogen peroxide. Such procedure can be performed in house conditions, but at the same time the main thing is not to do much harm to hair. To minimize side effect from coloring, it is necessary to follow some advice.


  1. Decolorization needs to be carried out not earlier than in 3-4 days after washing of the head. The most typical mistake – putting paint on moist hair. It is not necessary to do it is so you will wash away layer of fat which protects them.
  2. It is impossible to dissolve hydrogen peroxide in metal ware as in interaction of its surface to oxygen there can be undesirable reaction. Concentration of solution has to depend on thickness of hair. If they thin, then 3-6% of solution of peroxide there are enough, 8-12% solution will be suitable for thick and thick hair. The amount of mix will depend on density and length of hair. If your hair have average length, then there will quite be enough 50-60 grams. Respectively, for long hair it will be required 1.5-2 times more, and for short – it is less. At the same time solution with peroxide of hydrogen needs to be prepared directly before decolorization, having made small stock.
  3. Process of clarification of hair begins with greasing of forehead at the line of their growth fat cream. Solution is applied from nape. If hair short, then by means of cotton tampon it is evenly distributed from roots to tips. At long unpainted hair, on the contrary, solution is applied at first on the ends. As soon as all hair are painted, comb them and leave approximately for 20-30 minutes. It is not necessary to cover at the same time the head with polyethylene as without air access the hair can easily be burned.
  4. If you need to clarify only roots of hair, then it can be done from spray of 3% peroxide solution. Such way quite harmless, it it is possible to apply once a week therefore roots of your hair will always be light. If you have dark hair, then prepare that the procedure of clarification will take quite long time. It is necessary to paint them in 3-4 stages, at the same time the interval between procedures has to be not less than a week that hair could be recovered a little.
  5. In the course of clarification you watch closely hair color and their state. For this purpose comb them at temples and pay attention to structure. Be not overzealous over time, it is better to underexpose a little mix for coloring on hair, than to overdo.
  6. After clarification it is necessary to wash hair with soft shampoo and to rinse carefully warm water. It is good if you apply on them nutritious balm or mask. That hair after coloring were recovered quicker, for rinsing it is possible to add lemon juice to water.

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