How to decolour hand hair

How to decolour hand hair

Rigid dark hairs on female hands of charm and grace obviously do not add. And if in the winter of hand it is possible to hide under long sleeves, then in the summer hands should be bared.


  1. If hair at you on hands not too dense, thick and dark, then it is quite possible to cope with them by means of hydrogen peroxide. For holding this procedure buy 10% solution of peroxide of hydrogen, part it with several drops of liquid ammonia and every day wipe hands with the cotton wool moistened in solution.
  2. Perhydrols can also use. Part it with water in proportion 1:5 for obtaining the best effect or in proportion 1:10 if you want to do the minimum harm to the skin. Do compresses with this solution every day, leaving them for one or two hours.
  3. Try to decolour hair and one more folk remedy. For this purpose in drugstore buy special ointment. This ointment has to contain 0.5 gr monoacetylaniline, 10 gr lanolin, 20 gr vaseline, 6 gr pergidrolya.
  4. Use ointment on problem places every day. Hair at the same time at first will become colourless, and then will weaken and, perhaps, will drop out. But you remember that this procedure is not too useful to skin.
  5. If outside summer, then try to decolour hair the easiest way from all existing – just sunbathe every day. Do not forget to use at the same time cream for suntan not to get burns. Hair have to burn out quickly in the sun.
  6. Get in shop special means for clarification of hair on body. Its plus is that all doses of chemicals which are contained in it are carefully calculated and will hardly cause allergic reaction. To clarify hair such means, mix components, according to the instruction, apply on hands and sustain necessary amount of time then carefully wash away.
  7. If you had not suited any of the ways which are listed above try to depilate mechanically.
  8. Types of mechanical removal there is weight. The simplest is use of the safety razor. Also excellent effect give removal of hairs by means of wax strips, gels and hair removal creams, photo and laser epilation. Observe precautionary measures – each of ways has contraindications from which main thing is sensitive skin.

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