How to decolour lips

How to decolour lips

Owners of too bright lips sometimes resort to their decolorization. Lighter tone is chosen by those who have got used to pastel make-up, or those who put make-up or bright lipstick on face.


  1. Be defined for what period of time you need to decolour lips. As the clarifying means for basis under evening make-up which has to hold on on face several hours powder, foundation of corporal shade or the proofreader will be suitable for the person. Accurately, apply with thin layer the chosen means on lips, since the middle and moving to contour. Shade edges so that transition from color of lips to skin color around them was almost imperceptible. Then cover the decoloured lips with lipstick or make-up of shade necessary to you.
  2. Use the steady, so-called showing lipsticks if you want to achieve gradually lighter shade of lips and  not to resort at the same time to permanent make-up. The chemical elements which are contained in such lipsticks destroy bright pigmentation, doing lips by more faded. However for achievement of the necessary effect the showing lipsticks need to use daily for a long time. Consider that such lipsticks strongly dry skin therefore in parallel with their use it is worth moistening as much as possible lips by means of hygienic lipsticks and special wax.
  3. Buy the special clarifying cream which suits owners of natural dark shade of lips. The biocomponents which are contained in such creams help to prevent darkening and nourishes skin with moisture thanks to the increased content of antioxidants. Similar means offer some professional lines of cosmetic goods, it is possible to find them in drugstores or on the specialized websites on the Internet (and in the same place to make the order).
  4. Address specialists in permanent make-up and pick up pigment, suitable for your skin. Dark brown lips are clarified by red, orange and beige shade, however only the professional has to combine colors for obtaining the necessary result. Before session surely carry out the test for possible allergic reaction of skin: apply drop of the chosen pigment to head skin, then take thin needle and make small scratch on the place of drawing. If in ten minutes skin reddens and will begin to swell up and itch, this paint is contraindicated to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team