How to decolour short moustaches over upper lip

How to decolour short moustaches over upper lip

Hair over upper lip can appear not only at the stronger sex, but also at women. If this problem has begun to disturb you, it is a high time to visit the endocrinologist and also to try to decolour down on face.

Short moustaches over upper lip: to remove or decolour

There is set of ways to remove short moustaches over upper lip, but they, unfortunately, have number of contraindications. The cost of procedures remains at the available level, and the clinic equipped with the equipment can carry out them to any cosmetology.

Decolorization of short moustaches allows to hide shortcoming visually. In addition over time filaments become more thinly and gradually drop out. The procedure has one shortcoming – it is necessary to hold it from time to time. It should be noted that allergic reactions are not excluded at people with predisposition. Actually, it is worth trying if there is no free time on campaigns on cosmetology clinics yet.

Way of decolorization of short moustaches

If you have got used to choose the easiest ways, then resort to the help of the special clarifying structures which can be gained in shops. Cream will help to clarify quickly and well short moustaches, to thin them and to partially destroy bulbs. It is necessary to use means in strict accordance with the instruction which is attached. The ready clarifying structures softly influence skin, seldom cause irritation and other side effects. They are not recommended to be applied to the injured skin. It is necessary to use creams regularly – there will be not enough one procedure. It is possible to clarify volosik on face by means of hydrogen peroxide. For this purpose moisten cotton pad in solution, put to the problem site for 20 minutes. After surely wash and you apply nutritious cream. It is more convenient to some to use hydrogen peroxide with shaving cream. In this case you need teaspoon of cream and as much peroxide. Carefully mix components and apply to skin. Wash away in 20-30 minutes if strongly pinches, then immediately. If you have strongly hard hair over upper lip, add several drops of liquid ammonia and a little liquid soap to peroxide tablespoon. Mix and impregnate cotton pad in the turned-out solution. Apply it to skin and leave for 30 minutes. At emergence of strong irritation will not prevent to take pill of antihistaminic medicine and to smear skin with sea-buckthorn oil. If symptoms do not pass within several days, address the dermatologist for the purpose of consultation. With extremely sensitive skin it is undesirable to women to make experiments!

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