How to decorate wedding nails

How to decorate wedding nails

Wedding manicure differs from usual in gentle shades of flowers, the minimum decor and lack of bright elements. But it does not mean at all that it has to be boring. Decorate nails with flower ornament, spangles and interesting transitions of flowers. It is a little trainings – and at you everything will turn out.

It is required to you

  • - base;
  • - varnish of gentle shades;
  • - spangles;
  • - set of brushes;
  • - acrylic paints;
  • - stickers for the French manicure in set;
  • - toothpicks;
  • - top with effect of gloss;
  • - decorative pearls.


1. Basis of wedding manicure – carefully processed nails. File them to the necessary length, remove cuticle by means of special liquid and carefully polish plate. The bride's hands are in the public eye all the time therefore they have to look ideally.

2. Apply layer of protective base on nails. Atop put two layers of enamel, carefully drying everyone. Choose shade depending on color of wedding dress. Nails of cold white or pinkish-lilac shades and also silver will approach snow-white dress. To color of ayvora – cream and milk scale, light bezh and golden spangles.

3. Over enamel represent gladioluses. On palette squeeze out two paints – light lilac and violet. Gather them on flat brush and, having put it face to nail, draw with wavy movements petal, having arranged it it is horizontal. On the other hand represent the second that they have formed bow. From below in the same way finish drawing the third petal, and over the turned-out shamrock represent the same, but the smaller size. Designate stamens of gladiolus by several points of yellow paint and attach decorative pearl in the center of flower. But long nails it is possible to place two-three flowers, on short there will be enough one. Cover the drawing with transparent varnish.

4. Very simply and beautifully the French manicure looks. Try to diversify it, having united with lunar – with the traced hole at the nail basis. It can be represented by means of laid on paper strips from set for the French manicure. Paste one of them on nail, having left hole free, and paint over it silver or gold varnish. The main part of nail enamel white, light pink or cream color. Issue free edge white, and under it draw the thin line with spangles in tone of hole.

5. Try on also unusual lacy design – it perfectly will approach romantic magnificent dresses and openwork mitts. Enamel nails of pink or beige color, and atop put thick layer of white varnish. Without waiting for drying, the sharp end of toothpick begin to draw roundish lines, weaving them into patterns. Cover with them all nail or its part, at will. Decorate nails in turn – at first completely finish design of one finger and after it start the following. Carefully dry manicure and fix it by two layers of upper covering with addition of small spangles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team