How to define appearance of cellulitis

How to define appearance of cellulitis

It is kind of deplorable sounded this fact, but only fine half of mankind is subject to appearance of cellulitis. It represents stagnation of fat deposits in hypodermic fabric that leads to her dystrophy. It does not belong to the category of diseases, and only some kind of cosmetic defect of skin.

Reasons of appearance of cellulitis

Emergence of visible changes of skin is promoted by the changes happening at the hormonal level, the hereditary factor is possible. It is worth paying attention to food allowance, at consumption of high-calorie food or "useless" (fast food, having a snack on the run for the sake of hunger satisfying) are capable to lead to imbalance in organism of useful elements which are necessary both for activity, and for maintenance of elasticity of skin. Otherwise improper feeding will have an effect unpleasant "orange-peel" on body. Negative impact on condition of skin and as contributing factor addictions, such as alcohol intake and smoking act. However you should not forget that lack of physical activities, age changes and anatomic features of skin are also the reasons of emergence of tsellyulitny deposits.

Stages of manifestation of cellulitis

Appearance of cellulitis becomes obvious not at once and has several stages of manifestation:

1. At the most initial stage of development of cellulitis it is visually possible to assume its emergence only. At insignificant blows, bruises, puffiness, and grazes and wounds long at once develop heal, the small reticulum of capillaries can appear.

2. Changes of processes in fabrics begin, the characterized congestions of slags, skin cells suffer from lack of oxygen and hypostases develop. It happens because of the squeezed condition of lymphatic vessels. Leather in places of development of cellulitis at first sight has no features, but it is enough to compress of it pleated or to strain muscles as small formation of "orange-peel" will be shown. It should be noted that even at initial stage the elasticity of skin in problem zones considerably will decrease.

3. At actively progressing cellulitis hypodermic fat cellulose forms clusters and becomes covered by some kind of hems and partitions. Skin becomes rough, circulation is broken and cellulitis becomes obvious.

How to define independently initial stage of cellulitis

Visually process of forming of "orange-peel" cannot independently simply be defined, and here it is to the touch quite real.

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to condition of skin, to be exact its mobility – loss of elasticity and flabbiness in the absence of obvious age changes says that fabrics begin to suffer and atrophy. By means of fingers it is necessary to compress leather and to listen to feelings: at the normal state of fabrics of pain will not arise, but at development of cellulitis the pain syndrome will at once have an effect. Even the hidden puffiness can be defined to the touch too – at palpation there will be feeling as if under skin there is liquid congestion, and it occurs process of flowing off of fabrics.

You should not be upset at emergence of "orange-peel" – it is worth fighting against it as in house conditions, and resorting to the help of experts. By the way, thin persons, as well as stout women, are subject to appearance of cellulitis too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team