How to define face type

How to define face type

selection of hairstyle and make-up, first of all, it is necessary to consider shape of face. Knowing features of the person, it is possible to mark out competently advantageous lines and to correct shortcomings. Allocate 7 main face types: oval, oblong (rectangular), square, round, triangular, rhomboid and heart. The shape of face is determined by ratio of width of forehead and chin and also width and length of all person.


  1. To define shape of face, take away hair from face (it is possible to collect them in tail), then face contours will be accurately visible.
  2. Divide the person into proportional parts. For this purpose get up opposite to mirror and draw three vertical lines cosmetic pencil or lipstick. the 1st vertical line - from growthhairthe line to nose bridge; the 2nd vertical line - from nose bridge to nose tip; the 3rd vertical line - from nose tip to chin.
  3. Now conditionally divide the person into three parts in the horizontal direction. the 1st horizontal line – from the line of growth of hair to pupil of the right eye; the 2nd horizontal line - from pupil of the right eye to pupil of the left eye; the 3rd horizontal line - from pupil of the left eye to the line of growth of hair.
  4. Now you can easily define type of your person, having measured the received results. It is considered to be that ideal proportions characterize oval face type which length is one and a half times more than width. The square face differs in the fact that width of forehead and cheekbones approaches chin width. In case length of your person much more width, and temples and chin are on one vertical line, then your person of rectangular (oblong) type. Round cheeks, wide forehead are characteristic of round face. Width of the person in this case is approximately equal to length. At face type heart from narrow chin the person has gradual expansion to temples. If at you wide cheekbones are combined with narrow chin and forehead, then your person treats diamond-shaped type. The triangular face is distinguished by narrow forehead and the expanded lower part of the person (wide chin and jaw).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team