How to define sexuality of the man

How to define sexuality of the man

Many scientists try to find out communication of external data of the man with its sexual opportunities. Psychologists too constantly develop tests according to which it would be possible to calculate male sexuality prior to the beginning of the relations. As at the first view of the man to define its sexual abilities?


  1. The first test is based on the statements of scientists of the USA. Look attentively at the man. The more he resembles monkey superficially, the higher it sexual abilities. For similarity assessment the scientists have even entered such term primatnost. And so, the more it is similar externally to primacy, the closer at it the genetic linkage with the nature and the is higher sexual activity.
  2. The second way of determination of sexual abilities is developed by the Canadian scientists. Pay attention to hairmen color. If it is brunette, then in bed games always aims at leadership, has rich erotic imagination.
  3. The blonde has more modest temperament, prefers the quiet, equal relations without unexpected surprises.
  4. Brown-haired persons connect lines and blondes and brunettes therefore it is impossible to predict their behavior in bed. Men with rigid head of hear are more active in the sexual plan.
  5. The third way gives the flavor about male sexuality too. For a long time many women assumed that length of nose of the man is directly connected with length of its men's advantage. For today scientists have disproved it. But nevertheless they suggest to determine by shape of nose activity of the man in the sexual plan. Look narrowly at the elect's nose. If it has the Roman profile, then it speaks about his arrogance, he likes to be the first in bed, but at the same time is conservative and does not try to invent something brand new.
  6. Men with fleshy noses are successful in love affairs. Sometimes even so that forget about the family duties.
  7. Snub-nosed men kind, soft, but in bezinitsiativna bed though are reliable in the family relations.
  8. The aquiline nose demonstrates high temperament of its owner.
  9. And one more way, it is rather psychological. Treat the man with candy in wrapper and look as he develops it.
  10. If has quickly broken wrapper and has thrown out — means, he loves fast sex without any preludes.
  11. If puts various figures from candy wrapper, then and in bed will show ingenuity.
  12. The man stretches wrapper in different directions - most likely, will not be confident in bed.
  13. If accurately smoothes candy wrapper, then and in bed it will be gentle.
  14. Having got acquainted with these simple ways, you learn a little more about the man at the first meeting. And further, having got acquainted closer, you will be able to confirm or disprove for yourself proofs of scientists.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team