How to define shade of hair-dye

How to define shade of hair-dye

In coloring of hair by the most important the correct definition of shade of paint is. Improper to you color can spoil your appearance considerably.

It is required to you

  • - hair-dye;
  • - table of tsvetotip.


  1. Before choosing shade of hair-dye, it is the best of all to define the tsvetotip. If your natural hair with ashy outflow, blue, black or gray eyes, light skin, you have cold type of appearance. In case the reddish or reddish shade, eyes of green or brown color and a little swarty skin have your hair, you have warm type of appearance.
  2. Proceeding from it, it is worth selecting palette of shades which to you go. Girls of cold tsvetotip should pay attention to paints of ashy shades - from platinum blond to dark-chestnut. You will suit any fair-haired shades. It is desirable to choose pure simple colors. Usually on hair-dyes they are specified by integer, for example, 6.0 or 4.0.
  3. To girls of warm tsvetotip go golden hair color. All this palette of red and red shades and also chocolate-chestnut, cappuccino. You not really will suit both too light, and too dark colors. Especially you should not choose black. Your shades of hair-dyes - difficult. Usual they are specified on pack by two-place or three-digit number through point, for example, 3.24 or 8.9.
  4. Before you to choose shade of hair-dye, you need to consider your initial color. If hair of natural color, shade the closest to the tone specified on pack turns out. But even in this case recommend to choose new color no more than two tones more dark or is lighter than previous. In case hair have already been painted before, do not choose shade is lighter as it will not undertake on the previous paint. Without preliminary clarification or washing of old paint you can change only a little color or make it slightly more darkly.
  5. After you have chosen the shade suitable you, it is necessary to decide what paint you will use. All hair-dyes are divided into three types: unstable coloring, semi-resistant and resistant paints. Coloring are quickly washed away from hair therefore if you are not sure of the chosen color, such is better to use. In case you had already had gray hair, not to do you without resistant or semi-resistant paint.

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