How to define shape of eyebrows

How to define shape of eyebrows

The first what we pay attention to, seeing the person, this his face. Eyes are window to the soul which are capable to tell much about us without words. For this reason, it is very important that eyes and eyebrows had accurate and well-groomed appearance. But it is important not to forget that the shape of eyebrows not only gives to the face some features, but also it is even capable to change its expression.


1. To decide on shape of eyebrows, it is necessary to know what building at them. Each eyebrow has three parts: internal, average and external. However very often there is question what eyebrows will suit this woman and what form it is better to prefer. Not to be mistaken, it is necessary to learn to notice invisible lines which define proportions of eyebrows on face. From internal part of eyebrow the first line begins, it passes through area of wing of nose and rests against lips. The second line goes from external part of eyebrow through external corner of eye and connects to nose wing. The line at number three defines the highest point from which the eyebrow will gradually go down. This point is at external corner of eye at distance about two thirds of the beginning of eyebrow. The eyebrows created on these lines perfectly are entered in the drawing of the person and also do eyes brighter and expressive.

2. In practice, unfortunately, the shapes of eyebrows far from ideal meet, but they can always be modified. When choosing form it is very important to consider face type. Practically all suit classical shape of eyebrows. It will harmoniously fit into faces of round, square and triangular shape. The oblong face type can be corrected, it is a little more, than usually, having lifted external corner of eyebrow, and eyebrows of angular form will give completeness to oval face. Badly arc-shaped eyebrows look on face of any type, but especially they are not recommended to be used on face of rounded shape.

3. Before correction disinfect skin in eyebrows. That the procedure was less painful, tweezers take only one hair, but not ""bunches"". At first remove excess hairs from nose bridge, then under eyebrows. One of secretion of ideal eyebrows is the area which is well opened over them. Delete hairs from under eyebrow and on its length, and then, correct external part of eyebrow. You need to receive the arch descending on ""no"". When you delete hair from eyebrow, you watch it to define where there is its root. Before pulling out, be convinced that, you will not create ""window"". If over eyebrows there are several hairs, they can be removed too, having given at the same time to eyebrows some refinement. After the procedure do not forget to process zone antiseptic agent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team