How to define the type

How to define the type

there is set of various classifications suggesting to beautiful creatures to choose the type. Female authors give types names pleasant aurally, male authors refer in definitions to insektologiya and fauna. But whatever interesting or offensive names were given women, to define the type sometimes happens it is necessary. As it is necessary and know what with the established type to do next.


  1. To define the type, analyze the behavior, the outlooks on life habitual to reaction to any given events. Try to understand, than you differ from people familiar to you. What you could mark out lines and personal characteristics that it is fuller to describe itself. Be honest with themselves.
  2. Make the list. Written choose definitions, similar in sense, which you gave yourself from everything, having replaced them with one. Following in the same way, reduce the list to the unique word. Bright, modest, active – can be anything.
  3. Now, when you have picked up definition, can think up on association the name to the type. Perhaps, you at heart the shining sun (warm, live, cheerful) or the haughty moon (detached and cold). Or you – independent cat (capricious, but tender). Pick up to yourself the image corresponding to your character.
  4. Give definition in the same way to the close people that to you was with what to compare. To recheck itself, the objectivity. In the same way mark out the main lines of their character and pick up for them suitable image.
  5. Now, when you have the ready line of types, return to own image. Think over what style in clothes what colors best of all will help you to express the internal essence. It is natural to feel and to present itself in all splendor much easier when both the image and internal essence correspond each other.
  6. Try to work the image so as if you choose it for someone another. Provide in what that lady best of all would look what she would suit accessories and lovely knickknacks what has to be its make-up. Think what habits and manners would emphasize image even better. Try on on yourself this image, under yourself you also created it.
  7. And, of course, you can always use already ready (the developed other people) types. To define the type, read information on all images, their habits and behavior and choose that most of which of all corresponds to your character. The type can be developed not only on character, but also by other criteria, for example, on appearance, on temperament or behavior in circle of colleagues.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team