How to define the type of eyes

How to define the type of eyes

different human eyes are! And how to define the type? It is difficult to differentiate eyes of the person only in form, the size, color, landing depth, inclination. Probably, therefore still in the ancient time the Chinese wise men have thought up the system of comparison of human eyes with eyes of different animals. In the lists made by the Chinese fiziognomist there are 39 such descriptions.


  1. What is interesting – lines of animal to which eyes eyes of the person are similar, are inherent also in this person. Let's give the most widespread types of eyes on the Chinese physiognomics. Lev's eyes. Big, amygdaloid, the upper eyelid from above is kind of cut off. Sharp and quiet eyes. Upper and lower eyelids have several folds of skin. People with such eyes have leader abilities and achieve success in field of management, military or government authority.
  2. Eyes of the Sheep. Long and narrow, iris of the eye brightly scintillating and small in relation to barefaced for ages of part of protein. Eyelids are beautifully outlined, white of the eyes very white. People with eyes of sheep usually modest and soft, go towards the aim zigzags.
  3. Eyes of the Horse. Large round eyes, slightly to navykata. With the hanging upper eyelids and edematous lower. The diligence, courage, enterprise, wit and intelligence are inherent in such people. Lack of character is the excessive irascibility.
  4. Eyes of the Wolf. Characteristic feature is availability of three proteins – the iris of the eye is small concerning all eye therefore proteins are visible from three parties. People with eyes of wolf differ in vindictive and cruel character, illegibility to the choice of means for achievement of the purpose.
  5. Eyes of the Monkey. In relation to all person small, but iris of the eye rather large therefore protein from each party is visible a little. Usually such eyes have skin bend on lower eyelid. People with eyes of monkey are often unpredictable and changeable.
  6. Eyes of the Snake. These are eyes with four proteins. The small iris of the eye is brightly allocated against the background of the protein surrounding it. Such people have surprising patience, but show great rage if to provoke them.
  7. Eyes of the Dragon. Are considered in form as the most beautiful eyes. In relation to the person they quite big, smooth and extended. Single-layer eyelids, are almost always half covered. Sharp and powerful look. People with such eyes have charm and internal force. Occurs among such many statesmen and great governors. To define the type of eyes, approach mirror and critically estimate the reflection. Think with what eyes of animal your eyes have the greatest similarity and whether its lines are inherent in you …

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team