How to define the type of figure

How to define the type of figure

The type of figure influences what clothes the woman can wear to look most effective. It is very simple to define the type of figure, you need mirror and good lighting.


1. There are only five main types of figure, each of them differs in the features. Besides, in figure two types can be combined, in this case it should be taken into account recommendations for each of them.

2. Your figure belongs to the pear type if you are owner of tight humeral belt and wide hips. "Pears" practically have no fat deposits in waist, their most part concentrates on sides and hips. Extra kilos at this type of figure are postponed on buttocks and hips, at the same time the upper body practically does not change — hands and neck remain thin, and the breast does not grow.

3. Your figure belongs to "hourglasses" if hips and shoulders of approximately identical width, and the waist is always expressed even if you gain excess weight. Fat deposits concentrate in breast and on hips. At set of extra kilos the waist remains almost invariable, and here buttocks, the breast and shoulders will be rounded.

4. Your figure belongs to the rectangle type if width of hips and breast approximately identical, but there is practically no waist at the same time. Usually owners of this type of figure rather thickset, with flat buttocks and hips, at the same time are characteristic of them harmonious legs. Fat is laid first of all on torso, at the same time the waist completely vanishes, and the stomach begins to grow.

5. Your figure belongs to "triangles" if the humeral belt is much wider than hips, pelvic area very narrow, long legs, and calves rather thin. Owners of this type of figure can differ in quite big breast. Excess weight is postponed in shoulders, upper part of hands, stomach, breast and face immediately gets fat. Unfortunately, extra kilos can be postponed at "triangles" in hips and back, giving to figure excessive massiveness. At "triangles" the slightest changes in weight very strongly affect the person, couple of extra kilos can cause emergence of the second chin and the general feeling of puffiness.

6. Your figure it is possible to carry Yabloko to type if your hips and shoulders of identical width, there is practically no waist, but there is sticking-out stomach. In it the main part of fatty tissue collects during set of weight. Scientists consider that this type of figure is characteristic of women at whom the level of men's hormones is increased. It is considered that this type of figure is more widespread among men.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team