How to delete cuticle

How to delete cuticle

– skin layer, skintight to nail plate, at the nail basis. Its main function – protective - that to nail root infections did not get therefore disputes do not cease, to cut off cuticle or just to push it. Depending on it there are also two types of manicure – cut (classical) and not cut (European). If the cuticle grows quickly, bakhromitsya, on it hangnails appear, then it is better to cut off it accurately if is not present – try to delete it by means of special means.


  1. Cut (classical). Soften skin of hands in bath with the special softening means or just in warm water. Then accurately remove cuticle orange stick. Someone uses for this purpose metal spoons, but the orange stick is better as its rigidity same, as at nail. Having removed, cut off cuticle the rounded-off cuticle scissors. Do not try to cut off cuticle to the basis – it is so possible to touch the nail roller, to damage it and to bring infection to nail root. The main thing that work has been performed accurately, exactly, differently in places of cuts hangnails can appear. If the cuticle which has expanded use tweezers. Try to hold them exactly and also to exactly cut off cuticle, for alignment of edges use cuticle scissors. After end of manicure oil nails special.
  2. Not cut (European). The meaning of this way is that special means for mitigation (removal) of cuticle is applied on cuticle (no more, than for 5 minutes). In its structure there are fruit and lactic acids which do not allow cuticle to expand. After drawing means besides accurately remove cuticle and you remove the died-off skin cells orange stick or shovel in the direction from the center of nail to side rollers. The means remains for mitigation are removed napkin. And the nail is oiled. When using this method the result will appear not at once. Only after several applications your hands will take beautiful well-groomed view.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team