How to depilate face thread

How to depilate face thread

In the ancient time girls depilated unnecessary body by means of thread. This method was considered as fast, simple, and original. Presently it is applied generally to removal of hair on chin, on breast around nipples, over upper lip and also to correction of eyebrows.


1. If you have no experience, this method can even bring you pain. It is much more severe, than when using tweezers which are more convenient and intended for removals hair. To lower unpleasant pain, grease skin with ice cube. It will a little cool your skin.

2. That hairs after removal process by thread did not stick to the surface of skin that can interfere with holding procedure, better after rubdown of skin by means of ice wipe it with napkin, and then powder with talc.

3. To soften skin and roots of hair, grease skin with the softening cream and apply the cotton pad moistened in warm water. Take it several minutes and start procedure for removal of hair. Fix thread around hair so that the eyelet has turned out. Tighten it, and the hair fixed thus will escape. The effect remains practically for month. Then hair will grow again, but will not change the structure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team