How to depilate from body forever

How to depilate from body forever

Ways which it is possible to depilate from body forever are very limited. Shaving, chemical depilation, removal by wax give only temporary effect. For long removal of hair it is necessary to pay attention to the latest and rather expensive methods – electrolysis and laser epilation.


1. Electrolysis is one of the most effective ways of removal of hair on body forever. The procedure consists in introduction of needle or leading conducting directly to hair follicle then the blow of electric current "burns" hair on root. Burned out follicle will not be able to make hair any more. It is the method of removal of hair checked by time. Unlike laser epilation, the procedure is effective regardless of skin color and hair. Each person can depilate by means of electrolysis almost any part of body, including around eyes and eyebrows – areas where laser removal is inapplicable. Depending on density of hair, process takes long time. All because each follicle has to be affected. Removal of hair from upper lip, ears and eyebrows takes much less time, than removal of vegetation standing and to back. Though electrolysis belongs to effective and safe methods, it is capable to give some complications: reddening, swellings on places of removal of hair. If this procedure is done by the nonprofessional, infection with infection, change of skin color and formation of hems is possible.

2. Other effective way of removal of hair for long time is the laser epilation. Intensive light impulses go to areas of undesirable growth of hair. The light energy gets into skin then it is absorbed by melanin. Temperature of follicle increases, hair disappear, and the follicle is destroyed. But such method it is possible to depilate only those which are in active phase of the growth, and these are no more than 80 percent of hair on skin. All others as soon as appear on body, will demand the additional procedure of laser epilation. Laser radiation goes to big sites of skin at once, certain number of hair moves away from each impulse. Therefore the laser epilation borrows much less time, than electrolysis. But it demands additional sessions as 20 percent of your hair which have "hidden" from influence of the laser continue to grow. The laser epilation can cause reddening and swelling after the procedure. Blisters, hems, change of skin color and even its structures are not excluded.

3. The house laser epilation is not so effective as professional electrolysis and professional laser epilation, but it yields the results. This way of removal of hair works by the same principles, as professional methods, but with use of home devices. The laser light energy gets into skin to destroy hair follicle. The number of procedures often exceeds the frequency of professional sessions.

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