How to depilate grass dope

How to depilate grass dope

One of the cheapest and available means for removal of undesirable hair is the dope grass. There are several options of its use, each of which rather popular and demanded.

Removal of undesirable hair dope grass

To prepare broth for removal of hair, fill in 1 glass of the dried-up grass of dope with 1 liter of cold water, bring to boiling and you cook, without closing cover, within 30 minutes. At you about 250 milliliters of ready means have to turn out. Cool, filter and remove broth in the fridge. Not less than 3 times a day process to them problem sites, without washing away. Continue application before emergence of visible result.

For strengthening of effect of broth, you can apply it in compresses.

Not less effective remedy is also infusion of seed of this plant. For its preparation fill in 3-4 tablespoons of ground seeds of dope twice with large number of vodka, pour in dark glass bottle and let's infuse about 3 weeks. Then 2 times a day you apply mix on zones from which previously depilate and you hold for 2 hours. In 1 hour carefully wash skin with warm water. Stop use of the given means after emergence of desirable result. Do not apply dope more than 2-3 months. On the expiration of this time surely take break in 1 month.

In 3-4 weeks of holding such procedures, the number of undesirable hairs will significantly decrease, they will become thinner and light.

Mechanism of action and possible harm

As a part of this plant there are no substances which oppress blood supply of hair bulbs, so, hairs drop out because of toxic influence of its components. Besides, the wrong application of grass of dope can lead to various negative consequences, for example, to chemical irritation, and then and planocellular cancer of skin. The dope is very poisonous plant. And even in spite of the fact that it is rather poorly soaked up through skin, when using of too concentrated solution or at its application on nasolabial triangle, there is probability to get poisoning. As dope for removal of hair - not harmless way, need to refuse its application pregnant women and the feeding women, teenagers, people suffering from allergic reactions, diseases of nervous system, diabetes, diseases of kidneys, epilepsy and also in the presence of purulent rashes on skin, wounds and grazes, during exacerbation of chronic diseases, at dermatitis and any system skin diseases.

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