How to depilate in bikini zone

How to depilate in bikini zone

Removal of hair in bikini zone – unpleasant and rather intimate procedure therefore you are free to choose: to trust in hands of the master or to make everything independently.

It is required to you

  • – safety razor;
  • – hair removal cream;
  • – cosmetic wax;
  • – sugar;
  • – fresh lemon juice;
  • – water;
  • – money for visit of salon.


1. Disposal of excess hair in the field of bikini often causes confusion in women therefore many prefer to manage by own forces, without resorting to the help of experts. The easiest and fast way is to use the razor. It is possible to refer availability (the machine can be bought in any nearest shop at the small price) and also independence of any factors to pluses of shaving (for shaving it is not necessary to wait when free time at the master appears, or so far hair will grow to the necessary length). This procedure does not do any harm to organism therefore it can be carried out even to pregnancy time. Shaving minuses: short-term effect, emergence of irritation and the grown hair.

2. The similar mechanism of action – when using special creams. The safety razor is replaced in this case by the pallet. Modern cosmetic brands make the means which are specially intended for gentle skin in bikini zone. There are creams which are applied to dry skin, and there are such which can be used in soul. Getting deep into hair, means destroys its structure therefore the hair breaks or removed with root. Pluses of such way: lack of painful feelings, careful removal of hair. Minuses: risk of developing of allergy.

3. Use of wax - rather painful procedure which demands from the woman of patience and will power. Wax is warmed up to the temperature of 40 wasps, applied to skin the pallet, paste special paper strips and tear off them together with hairs in a few minutes. For convenience it is possible to get ready wax strips which before use need to be warmed in hands. It is considered that pain during the procedure weakens in process of its repetition, and new hairs grow thin and soft. Recently wax is replaced with sugar paste. This procedure has received the name "sugaring". Sugar is dissolved in the boiling water, add lemon juice and stir the received weight before formation of viscous caramel. Then it is used as velcro, pasting and pulling out hairs.

4. If you want long-term effect, it is necessary to visit salon after all. Removal of hair with root will allow to keep result within several weeks or to get rid of undesirable vegetation forever. This procedure can be carried out with use of electric current, light and thermal radiation and also the laser. Its high cost, morbidity, need of holding several sessions and also emergence of reddening, scars and peelings after the procedure belongs to minuses of saloon epilation.

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