How to depilate in house conditions

How to depilate in house conditions

Epilation — the integral element of personal care in life of the modern woman without which it will be impossible to call her appearance well-groomed. Therefore for everyone will be relevant to learn what methods can use that in house conditions, without resorting to expensive procedures in salons, to depilate body.

  • safety razor, hair removal cream, hot wax, electric epilator

1. The most widespread and available way of removal of hair — shaving. It is painless, demands extremely small financial investments and also this way allows to get rid of undesirable hair very quickly. To use this method, you will need only soap or special gel and the razor. Modern safety razors differ in high quality of edges and are easily replaced. The only lack of shaving consists in fast repeated growth of hair.

2. Depilatory cream — one more method of removal of hair. Cream more expensive, than the razor, but it in general too it is possible to call available at the price. Use of cream is fast and painless process. Apply cream into place where it is necessary to depilate, wait several minutes and remove cream together with hair special rake. Advantage in comparison with shaving is that hairs after use of cream have softer structure and grow more slowly. Lack of depilatory creams it is possible to call their chemical composition because of which they in some cases can cause irritation and allergic reactions.

3. One more method of depilation is removal of hair by means of hot wax. This method differs from previous in high degree of efficiency, low extent of allergic reactions and extremely high morbidity. Warm wax and apply it thin layer to skin. When wax dries, remove it or tear off special wax strip. The hair removed by means of wax do not grow about a month - it is unambiguous advantage of such method. However danger to get burn hot solution, and also morbidity keep many from application of this way of depilation.

4. Also painful, but effective method of removal of hair is the electric epilator which can be bought in any shop of household appliances.

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