How to depilate in the field of bikini

How to depilate in the field of bikini

Summer – time of holidays, the sun, the sea and beaches. Any girl wants to look especially attractively during summer season, and the majority, being exactly prepared for beach vacation, think of such delicate subject as removal of undesirable hair in bikini zone. For this purpose in modern cosmetology there is a lot of ways: electroepilation, enzymatic epilation, depilation and so forth.

It is required to you

  • Consultation of the cosmetologist, wax, paper strips, epilator, razor.


  1. In salons apply electroepilation to removal of hair. By means of this procedure the undesirable hair follicles clean up forever. This way is based on use of electric current which, getting on skin, reaches depth where the hair bulb and is located. As the conductor of current serves the thin needle entered into skin. Under the influence of electric current the bulb collapses. Lack of the procedure it is possible to call thin crust which is formed on skin and passes within 7-21 days.
  2. Use of natural fermentivny medicines on vegetable basis is the cornerstone of enzymatic epilation. For removal of hair of means are applied on epiliruyemy area. After that for some time this area is exposed to infrared radiation. Shortcomings of this method are that effect of vegetable enzymes comes not at once, and only after a while after which growth of hairs slows down, and they leave hot wax. Full disposal of excess vegetation will require from 4 to 7 procedures.
  3. If pilosis pronounced or hairs in bikini zone very rigid, then in this case approaches epilation the laser better. The laser helps to destroy hair bulbs by means of the directed laser beam. Advantage of this method is its perfect painlessness. The shortcoming is that the effect of full removal of hair will occur only in 12 months, and procedures need to be repeated every month.
  4. The photoepilation has no restrictions on structure or color of hairs. This method influences skin minimum. Light or thermal influence in this way is the main factor which is slowing down growth of hair. On melanin (hair pigment) the actinothermal impact is made that leads to folding of vessels which supply hair bulb with nutrients. The follicle atrophy at photoepilation also leads to the termination of growth of hair.
  5. If it is necessary to depilate urgently then depilation will approach. One of its types is the bioepilation wax or vaksing (from English wax – wax). In total there are 2 ways of such epilation: warm and hot. The wax applied in this procedure, the firm grades made of pine pitch or of oil products. That mix was more plastic and did not stick, add vegetable oils to weight, for example, lemon oil. Weight is heated till 38-42? C, and then apply with thin layer on bikini zone in the direction of growth of hair. From above impose paper tape and slightly press. As soon as wax is recorded on paper, its exact and fast movement remove against growth of hairs.
  6. Very painful way is epilation of zone of bikini mechanical epilator. This device clamps hairs, and then pulls out them. By means of tweezers the remained single hairs are removed. The similar procedure is fraught with high risk to catch infection or to get strong irritation of skin. One more shortcoming – there can be grown hairs.
  7. The easiest way of depilation of zone of bikini – shaving. The main shortcoming is that it is necessary to repeat the procedure every day, and it can lead to irritation of skin.

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