How to depilate pubic

How to depilate pubic

The woman wants to be ideal in everything, even in the most intimate sites of the body. Therefore often it is necessary to fight against hair in bikini zone. There is set of various ways of their removal, each of which has the merits and demerits.


1. Wax depilation – quite widespread method, though very painful. Removal of hair is made by hot or warm wax. Depilation by hot wax - rather difficult procedure which is better for entrusting the professional differently the risk is high to get burn. During depilation, skin strongly heats up, thus time reveals, and is depilated less painfully. Soft depilation can be done in house conditions, but it is impossible to apply wax on one place twice. And it is extremely inconvenient as there can be undesirable hairs. Wax depilation is good the fact that hair begin to grow only in 3 weeks.

2. Other way of removal of undesirable hair - sugar depilation. It is similar to wax, but in this case dense sugar syrup is used. This method does not cause allergy and is very available at the price.

3. Also very widespread method of removal of hair is shaving. It can be carried out with ease independently. But it is necessary to be accurate not to be cut. It is necessary to have a shave in the direction of growth of hair. For shaving it is better to use special gels, and then to oil skin mineral to save the skin from irritation.

4. The most painless method of depilation is use of special creams. The procedure is rather simple: it is necessary to apply cream on the right places, to distribute it the cosmetic pallet and to wash away through time specified on packing. Means has to be for bikini zone. But this way of depilation has the shortcoming: in three days the hair will begin to grow again.

5. For removal of hair it is possible to use special tweezers. But it is the procedure extremely unpleasant and costly on time. Also it is possible to refer growth of even more thick and hard hair to shortcomings, than were earlier.

6. It is possible to use electroepilator, but to cope independently with removal of hair in intimate zone rather difficult. Such way is suitable for epilation of legs more.

7. In salons the service of laser epilation is offered. It is very expensive procedure, but saves from undesirable hair forever. It is necessary to carry out cycle of procedures before full removal of all hair.

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