How to depilate superfluous

How to depilate superfluous

Thick hair is not always decoration of the woman. On the contrary, they can cause array of problems if grow in improper places: on face, legs, hands. Of course, it is possible to be active the safety razor every day. But it is tiresome, besides after shaving hairs grow already firm, prickly. There are also alternative methods of fight against this problem.


  1. Removal of hair wax. It can be done houses or in salon. If have decided to carry out depilation in houseof conditions, kindle wax, apply it to skin in the right places the pallet, wait until stiffens. Then the sharp movement remove the formed plenochka together with hairs. It is quite painful, but after the procedure the hair grow more slowly, it is necessary to repeat it not earlier, than in 3-4 weeks.
  2. Removal of hair by means of epilator. Epilators are different, but even two modes are usually provided in the simplest models. Using the first, it is possible to get rid of hair for 3-4 days. Applying the second, you pull out hairs with root by means of the rotating disks. In this case vegetation will appear in undesirable places only in 3 weeks. But the procedure is also quite painful.
  3. Removal of hair cream. Use of depilatory cream allows to remove excess hairs without any pain. Means needs just to be applied to skin and to take 20-30 minutes. Then it is necessary to scrape off the pallet the disappeared hairs. The repeated procedure will be required in 2 weeks.
  4. Removal of hair folk remedies. Excellent ancient method of removal of hair is use of broth from cones or shell of pine nuts. Take 2 tablespoons of the crushed shell or cones, fill in with 1 glass of boiled water, put on water bath. You hold 15-20 minutes, then cool and filter. Moisten cotton wool in broth, wipe hands, legs and other places where undesirable hair grow. They will become fragile and weak, they can just be pulled out hand.

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