How to depilate superfluous forever

How to depilate superfluous forever

There are not much ways by means of which forever it is possible to depilate undesirable from body. Shaving, removal by wax, depilation, unfortunately, give effect only for a while.


1. To get rid of undesirable hair forever, you should address to beauty shop. There will offer you at choice one of the latest and very expensive methods. It either electrolysis, or laser epilation.

2. Choose electrolysis. It deservedly is considered the most effective and reliable way of removal of hair. The essence of the procedure is that to hair follicle the needle with conductings is entered. Then on it electric current which burns hair root is started up. Burned out follicle any more never will make new hairs. This procedure suits each woman and does not depend on color and structure of skin and hair. Undesirable vegetation can be liquidated almost on any part of body. It is used even where unacceptably laser removal, for example, around eyebrows. However it is worth noticing that carrying out electrolysis occupies rather long period. Each follicle has to be affected by current.

3. In spite of the fact that electrolysis is considered the safest method, it can cause some complications: swellings, reddening. Therefore address only professionals in the beauty shops which were in time to prove from positive side. Otherwise you risk to get the infection causing formation of hems and change of skin color.

4. If you want the procedure of removal of hair to take not a lot of time, then give preference to laser epilation. Its essence is that the expert sends intensive light impulses to zone of growth of undesirable hair. As a result of it temperature follicle increases, they are destroyed, and hair disappear. The procedure is carried out in 2 steps. For once only that part of hair which is in phase of active growth is removed, and these are about 80%. The others will appear on body after a while. They will also need to be removed. Consider that the laser epilation is rather harmful. It often causes in patients swelling and reddening after the procedure. Some even have hems, blisters, color and structure of skin changes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team