How to depilate undesirable forever

How to depilate undesirable forever

To get rid of body hair forever - dream of millions of women on Earth. And not only women... Today it becomes more and more real!


1. ELOS epilation. Very expensive procedure, but experts claim that if to make full course of procedures (from 4 to 10 depending on zone of the processed surface and type of hair), it is possible to forget really about undesirable hair, if not forever, for many years precisely!

2. Laser epilation. Slightly less expensive epilation, than ELOS, is also required several courses (on average from 4 from 10) the Innovation technologies allow to make the procedure almost painless.

3. The electroepilation is the painful, injury-causing procedure. Saves from body hair for several sessions (4-10)

4. Photoepilation. Rather painful procedure. For several sessions promises, but does not guarantee disposal of undesirable hair forever.

5. Sugaring. Rather pleasant procedure of removal of hair by means of sugar paste at the affordable price. Several first sessions are rather painful, and the subsequent are quite tolerant. Hair with each procedure grow more slowly, become thinner, less more noticeable and are more notable, gradually ceasing to grow in general. However, that hair have forever stopped growing, it is necessary to do sugaring within several years with constant frequency.

6. Removal of hair by national methods. There are several councils from ""grandmother's chest"" though nobody can guarantee their efficiency, there are people who use these methods and are happy with results. To take handful of pine nuts, to fill in them with glass of vodka, to put to the cool dark place for month. After tincture settles, to wipe with it daily problem zones.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team