How to depilate undesirable in intimate zone? Councils and recommendations

How to depilate undesirable in intimate zone? Councils and recommendations

Women persistently fight against undesirable body hair. The weaker sex pays special attention to intimate zone, so there is a wish to feel confident on the beach and not to hesitate of something. There are several ways of removal of hair, each of which has the merits and demerits.

All ways on elimination of hair on body can be divided into two groups conditionally. The first — depilation when not all hair is removed, but its part appearing on the surface of skin, and the second — epilation, i.e. full removal of hair with root.

It is possible to fight against undesirable vegetation by several various methods. Any given type of removal of hair will suit not each woman because skin in intimate zone can be rather sensitive.

The most widespread way removal of hair - depilation by the razor. The method is appreciated because of its low cost, availability and speed. But frequent shaving causes irritation therefore such procedure cannot be carried out every day. Besides, nobody is insured from cuts, and the growing hairs become similar to rigid and prickly bristle which appears already next day after shaving.

Depilatory cream is available and comfortable method, but it only suits those who have no allergy to chemical composition of means. New hairs begin to grow within the next week after the procedure.

The epilation can be made wax as independently, and in beauty shop. After such processing it is possible to forget about the following removal of undesirable vegetation until three weeks. Plus this way also that the grown hairs and irritation of skin – the phenomenon very rare. The only lack of method is his morbidity. But at regular application of waxing the pain becomes dull. Reddenings on skin after the procedure take place within a day.

It is possible to use wax strips on nonwoven basis which before application should be warmed. Wax the sharp movement is removed, and after the procedure it is necessary to use the calming sensitive skin cream.

The epilator pulls out hairs with root and guarantees their following emergence approximately in 2-3 weeks. Besides, the device can be equipped with the additional nozzles and functions intended for massage and cooling of the processed leather that reduces pain to minimum. The main thing, is good to steam out body before the procedure and to use epilator in the direction against growth of hair. Nevertheless for gentle intimate zone this method can be very painful. One more method of disposal of hair gaining popularity recently – sugaring. This procedure can be carried out also in house conditions, but the real sugar paste manages to be made not from the first. It is necessary to take 10 tablespoons of sugar, juice of half of lemon and tablespoon of water. Mix heats up on very slow fire at constant stirring. As a result homogeneous mass of golden or brown color has to turn out. Paste is boiled no more than ten minutes and cooled up to the comfortable temperature. Its consistence has to be knitting. Ready mix is applied with shovel or flat stick on growth of hair and covered with cotton fabric which has to absorb paste. The sharp movement fabric is removed in the direction against growth of hair. After the procedure, gentle skin needs to be greased with cream.

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