How to depilate undesirable quickly and effectively

How to depilate undesirable quickly and effectively

Women in all centuries were anxious with question how to become more beautiful also zhelanny. Criteria of beauty constantly change, but something remains invariable. Always white teeth, shiny hairs and well-groomed nails, healthy complexion and, of course, smooth skin are held in high esteem. Fight against excess hairs on body is conducted so long ago that it is difficult to remember when it has begun. Ways and councils in this area the set has collected: fast and demanding time, painful and not really. Let's understand how to make that hair did not grow standing and other parts of body.

Disposal of hair by means of the razor

Removal of hair the safety razor − way to which at least once in life each woman resorted. And no wonder, it is available, fast also concerning other ways not such painful. But though it is also popular, after all is not ideal. At such shaving the mass of minuses: the razor often injures skin, hairs grow quicker, become more rough, and there lasts result only for 1-2 days.

Before and after shaving by the machine it is necessary to moisturize the skin, and to – also to steam out that process did not become disease. After the procedure it is recommended to apply the moisturizing cream.

Removal of hair hair removal creams

Removal of undesirable hairs by means of hair removal cream – modern way the safety razor is not suitable any more for those who are afraid of pain and. The choice of such means is extensive now, price dispersion – too. If you have in stock of 15-20 minutes on such procedure, then you can safely choose it.

It is possible to carry to shortcomings of the procedure that cream is not always effective for 100%, especially if hair too thick and rough. Besides, there can be allergic reaction or itch therefore cream needs to be applied previously on the small site of skin to look how it will react. But if you after all have chosen this method and use it constantly, then hairs after depilation by cream usually grow more slowly, each time becoming more and more softly.

Wax and sugar in fight against undesirable hair

Women in ancient Egypt used wax and sugar for removal of undesirable hair. Since then the method was a little improved, but the principle has remained the same. It can be cold or hot wax and also sugar paste which are applied on the processed site, and then the strip of wax or sugar is sharply removed with hairs. Such epilation suits not everyone owing to her morbidity, but after several procedures hairs will become thinner, and pain will decrease. Besides it is necessary to do such procedure not often – enough 2-3 once a month.

Removal of hair epilator

If there is no time for salon, and result is necessary for a long time, then it is possible to use electric epilator. The principle of its work is that it has set of small "tweezers" which, taking hair, pull out it with root. Devices now set, they differ in design, additional functions, but the essence remains the same. As well as wax, epilator depilates for 1-2 weeks, but the procedure can be very painful and long. It is previously necessary to prepare skin: to use srub and to humidify that then there were no grown hair. The irritation can be rather strong therefore it is better to use this method in the evening before going to bed that the irritation and reddening could pass by the morning.

Photoepilation and laser epilation

To forget about hairs for 4−6 months or even forever, it is necessary to use the most modern ways: laser, photo or electroepilation. The high cost and morbidity can be minuses of these techniques, but the result will not keep itself waiting. The expert with the corresponding certificate has to carry out such procedure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team