How to depilate undesirable without irritation

How to depilate undesirable without irritation

After removal of undesirable hair the strong inflammation of skin quite often appears, especially this problem is observed in the area of bikini. To avoid unpleasant consequences of depilation, it is necessary to observe number of preventive measures.


1. Before removal of undesirable hair carefully wash skin with antibacterial gel or soap. If you observe not only irritation, but also growing of hair, then use also srub. Active movements process the moisturized skin, then carefully rinse under cool flowing water. It is necessary to purify skin even in case you use epilator, wax strips or hair removal cream.

2. If you shave off hairs, then do not forget to apply to skin in 5 minutes prior to removal of vegetation special skin or gel. During this time skin will become softer, filaments will be removed much easier. Soap cannot replace shaving foam, even the most qualitative.

3. After removal of hair plentifully moisten skin with aftershave lotion. Do not forget to apply also the moisturizing antibacterial cream. Do not use fat means, they hammer skin pores then reddening and heat-spots appears.

4. When the irritation has already appeared, grease the inflamed site of skin with salicyl alcohol or ointment. Reddening will begin to descend quickly enough.

5. The calendula has the bactericidal and healing effect. Buy tincture and dilute it with water in the ratio 1 to 1. Process the inflamed leather 2-3 times a day. If irritation very strong, then tincture of calendula do not dilute. Perhaps easy burning of skin which takes place in a few minutes.

6. Process sensitive leather after depilation by the cream containing zinc. This microelement makes favorable impact on integuments, promotes healing of microcracks and eliminates gnoynichka.

7. That the irritation did not appear, regularly delete undesirable vegetation. First, it will be simpler to make it, it is not necessary to make many movements by the machine. And secondly, skin adapts, and respectively, and does not inflame.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team