How to depilate wax

How to depilate wax

Removal of hair wax, or depilation, is effective and simple remedy of disposal of undesirable hair on body. The procedure will not demand from you any special skills and abilities, and several useful advice will help to avoid mistakes at depilation.


1. It is necessary to remember that it is possible to carry out depilation only on dry, pure and healthy leather. It is better to postpone the procedure if on skin there are reddenings, rash, open wounds.

2. For achievement of the best result, in day of depilation not to use cosmetics as cosmetics create fat film invisible to eye which complicates uniform putting wax on skin is better at all.

3. In warm season it is the best of all not to sunbathe in the sun before depilation not to subject skin to influence of additional irritants.

4. Of what you would not choose the site of skin, it is necessary to carry out careful disinfection. Purification of leather is carried usually out by means of special liquid glue with addition of witch-hazel and menthol. It will purify leather from various pollution, will lower irritation and will promote the best sticking of wax.

5. Wax is usually applied disposable with spatula or the cartridge on small sites of skin. It is necessary to remove by means of napkin, the exact and fast movement of hand.

6. Very important after depilation carefully to purify skin, irrespective of way of drawing. All because surplus of wax can clog up pores, and it can lead to growth of hair under skin.

7. It is the best of all to use wax with the content of extract of olive, pine or magnolia for depilation of gentle places, such as armpits and zone of bikini.

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