How to descend in sunbed

How to descend in sunbed

Until recently to have suntanned appearance in cold season it was quite problematic. But with the advent of sunbeds this problem has disappeared by itself.


  1. First of all before visit of sunbed it is necessary to distribute and time visits correctly. So, in sunbeds of any type advise to begin to sunbathe from 3-5 minutes a day and by no means no more. Further time of the procedure can be increased gradually, but as much as possible up to 10 minutes for one visit. Besides, it is correct to go to sunbed – means to give to skin rest (better day or even two three).
  2. Optimum, if the cream necessary for suntan, to you pick up directly in sunbed, it significantly differs from the usual means intended for beach suntan. Ultra-violet filters have to be part of such cream. It is also necessary to consider that choosing necessary suntan preparation in sunbed, to cost some it will hardly turn out. Various parts of the body demand different leaving and protection. Therefore it is also necessary to get at least two means: the first - for body, and the second – for more gentle skin of neck, the person and decollete.
  3. Accepting suntan stark naked, nevertheless it is necessary to cover breast. For this purpose also special stickers which are on sale in these institutions are provided. Their only minus, quite painful otryvaniye. But instead of them it is possible to use with success and usual napkins. If awkwardly or it is scared for own precious health the suntan in sunbed and in bathing suit is quite possible.
  4. It is necessary to use the big size of napkin, offered in sunbed of vertical type on which it is necessary to become at the process of fire. By the way, such type (vertical) is considered the most effective around the world.
  5. The deodorant before visit of sunbed is not recommended to use at all. Naturally, it is necessary before adoption of the procedure and to completely remove make-up.
  6. In case of carrying out any cosmetic operations over skin, especially persons (here refer even usual cleaning or face pack) the sunbed is also categorically not recommended.
  7. After holding procedures in sunbed of any type and modification do not recommend to take even hygienic shower and other water procedures, in order to avoid skin injuries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team