How to dilute varnish

How to dilute varnish

Nail varnish is gradually thickened and begins to lay down badly on nail plate. Sometimes he just refuses to dry out when it is so necessary and he should be erased. The people having many varnishes notice that they quickly are past repair. But it can be corrected literally in several minutes.


1. Do not try to use solvent or liquid for varnish removal. Buy special liquid in any cosmetic shop, its structure is as close as possible to varnish basis and will not spoil to you covering for nails. Acetone and other liquids can worsen color, dissolve spangles and in general spoil your favourite varnish and also affect negatively health of your nails.

2. Look, how strongly varnish has dried. If it is strong, add slightly more means for dilution and if slightly, then drip 1-2 droplets directly in bottle and densely twirl cap.

3. Carefully shake butylek and leave it for 5 minutes that small lumps of varnish have dispersed. Then once again vigorously shake and you can start coloring of nails. If you have noticed that varnish became too liquid - not terribly, open lid and let's it disappear a little, liquid to evaporate and it is possible to apply covering on the surface of nail safely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team