How to direct arrows liquid eyeliner

How to direct arrows liquid eyeliner

One of important stages of make-up - eyeliner, targeting of arrows. Liquid eyeliners usually give more saturated colors, than pencils. Besides, they remain during the day longer.

It is required to you

  • Liquid eyeliner, liquid foundation, proofreader, powder, shadows of light shade, mascara.


  1. When drawing make-up it is necessary to remember that skin has to be prepared for cosmetics use. Therefore it is at first recommended to wash and apply the moisturizing cream. After it is absorbed, it is possible to start make-up. The first stage - putting liquid foundation. Even ideally exactly used eye shadow will not have expected effect on not well-groomed skin with uneven shade therefore distribute liquid foundation as much as possible evenly, without forgetting to apply it also on eyelids and to carefully process area under eyes, to disguise bruises the proofreader.
  2. That nothing distracted attention from the smart black line, create ideal, slightly faded basis on upper eyelid. It is better not to combine arrows with shadows in general, and to cover upper eyelid with friable powder. If your issue obliges to certain playfulness in make-up, then the eyelid can be shaded neutral color (milk, ivory, pearl). It is necessary to process zone under eyebrows, having emphasized with that their line for what use shadows of light shade and carefully shade them.
  3. And now draw flat thin line liquid eyelashes. Begin from eye corner where eyelashes are very rare to the most external corner. Having reached external corner of eye, carefully draw line in the direction aside and up, being guided approximately by the middle of temple and doing the line more and more thin. If you have narrow eyes, it is necessary to draw arrow with accuracy on the contrary - to finish the line with wide stroke.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team