How to disguise bald head

How to disguise bald head

Some men hesitate of the fact that they have bald head. They cannot feel confident any more and is sexual. But there is set of ways which will help with this question.

If you have faced alopecia and do not know how to live further with this problem, you should pay attention to some ways which will help to disguise rare hair. You for certain want to hide bald head that nobody has noticed your problem. The set of books has been devoted to baldness. In ancient times Julius Caesar suffered from this problem and carried laurel wreath not to look imperiously and that these could hide the outlined bald head. Doctors who are called trichologists deal with this problem.

Hair combed backward on hair

To this method do not advise to resort both doctors, and stylists as it looks rather strange and not attractively. In most cases young guys and men at the same time look rather silly. And women like self-assured men.

Thickeners of hair

Many call similar thickeners of hair absolutely differently. But this medicine is ideal for masking of the thinned hair both at men, and at women. Even if at you weed almost all hair, the camouflage will turn your thinned hair into the whole head of hear

The tattooed hair

Some clinics and also tattoo workshops can propose to the clients unusual solution of the problem of masking of bald head. On the place of the thinned hair, small points which from long distance at all not otlichima from natural hair are put. But agree that it is not the best way of solving the problem, you during the procedure should suffer from excruciating pain.

Means for stimulation of hair

In reality the modern medicine provides not many options for stimulation of hair. For this purpose apply the following medicines: Propecia and also Minoksidil. These medicines influence hair so that to wake the sleeping follicles. But it is possible to wait for results long. You can also risk on change of new hair.

Shaving of the head

It is great option for men which will allow to suppress the fact that you have begun to grow bald. It to some extent looks even stylish. Many at your look most likely will decide that you want to look attractively as Bruce Willis. Naturally, for women the similar way will not help.


And the last option which you can use is wig. Girls who suffer from alopecia most often resort to this way. But there is probability that you will be exposed. For example, strong wind at the most unexpected moment can fairly spoil to you mood as in that case the wig or the system of hair can simply depart.

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