How to disguise freckles

How to disguise freckles

such phenomenon as freckles, girls belong differently: some very much love them and in every possible way emphasize, and others try in the various ways to destroy them. If you consider that freckles make your face less attractive, it is not obligatory to resort to radical methods of disposal of pigmentation, it is possible to try to clarify just a little them and to disguise.

It is required to you

  • - parsley;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - cucumber;
  • - kefir;
  • - carrots;
  • - olive oil;
  • - honey.


  1. Wipe face with parsley infusion. For its preparation fill in 2 teaspoons of greens with glass of boiled water. Draw three hours, then filter. Wipe face in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. It is necessary to store infusion in the fridge, but it is no more than a week.
  2. Grease each freckle with lemon juice by means of stick with cotton wool. In about 20 minutes wash away.
  3. Put mask on face. Grate cucumber, add kefir tablespoon, mix and put for 20 minutes on face, and then wash warm water.
  4. Try to disguise freckles by means of carrots. Rasp carrots, wipe with it face and neck. Juice has to dry on skin. And further massage face, moistening it with olive oil. Advise also daily to drink glass of carrot juice and tablespoon of honey, claiming that after that the person will have subtle suntanned shade against the background of which freckles will be less noticeable.
  5. For masking of freckles you should not use thick layer of foundation. You do not solve problem, and the person will be similar to mask. Better choose transparent foundation which will be able to level tone of skin, will give it dullness and will make the person softer.
  6. To disguise freckles you have opportunity also by means of the proofreader. Apply this means pointwise on freckles and the patting movements shade. After absorption put the proofreader again. This means has to be picked up in tone to skin, but is a little lighter than it. From above it is possible to powder face thin layer of friable, transparent powder.
  7. Day cream with effect of autosuntan will help to hide freckles to you: put it with thin layer and carefully shade on face and neck.
  8. To make even complexion, try to use terracotta or flickering powder.
  9. Brightly make up eyes and eyelashes – it will distract look from freckles. Eyelids have to have green or blue shades. Choose ink black or the same shade, as planimetric pencil. Do contours accurate. Lips should be painted in red or saturated pink colors, depending on your tsvetotip, style and color scheme of dress, and cheek – in pink or coral-red. Remember that brown shades not for you, they can make impression that your person dirty.
  10. To clarify freckles, it is possible to use also services of beauty shops which offer chemical peeling, the laser, dermabraziya, photorejuvenation, etc. But such procedures have contraindications therefore before their application consult the dermatologist.
  11. Freckles will be shown less if you avoid direct sunshine, at the scorching sun to wear wide-brimmed hats and to use sunblock creams.
  12. Include vitamins C and RR which slow down formation of melanin in the diet and save from freckles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team