How to disguise hems

How to disguise hems

majority of small scars and hems become almost imperceptible eventually. But what to do if the hem has the large sizes or is on visible part of body. Apply masking by means of cosmetics.


  1. Choose cosmetics which part is hydrokinon. This substance is applied to bleaching of skin and will help you to gain the best effect. Natural cosmetics has to incorporate such ingredients as extract of mulberry or bearberry, or azelaic acid.
  2. At first purify skin. If your skin is a little rough, use srub for peeling of devitalized particles. Then soften your skin, applying the moisturizing lotion or cream. Make cleaning surely as it will help to achieve equal putting cosmetics.
  3. If the hem of the small sizes, but is pigmented, use liquid foundation for drawing make-up. Process roughnesses of skin special concealer. Only choose it attentively. The shade has to be combined with the main tone.
  4. The acne leaves not only hems, but red color on skin. To get rid of this defect, use concealer which has slightly greenish shade. It will help you to disguise roughnesses of skin and its reddening.
  5. After drawing concealer use powder. It will allow you to keep masking for day and not to allow spreading of concealer.
  6. Using special dense cosmetics for masking of hems and scars. For convex scars choose shade a little more darkly, than natural color of your skin. And for masking of scars concave, respectively, and the shade has to be lighter. Means should be put moderately. Otherwise you will achieve boomerang effect. The fact of masking will become noticeable to people around. Special silicone means will help you to hide cavities from acne. After masking of hems, do not forget to apply also friable powder or liquid foundation.
  7. If you consider that the hem is too obviously allocated on skin and spoils appearance, address surgeons. They will solve your problem excision of hem and imposing of cosmetic seam. Even if the scar will not disappear completely, you will not experience difficulties for its masking. Small hems can be removed by means of peeling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team