How to disguise hems on face

How to disguise hems on face

, as we know, decorate only the man. And here women need after all to try to hide them. There is a lot of reasons of emergence of ugly hems. It can be both traces of cuts or scratches, and consequences of acne disease. The last meet most often.

It is required to you

  • - soft wax for make-up;
  • - the leveling base under make-up;
  • - liquid tone means;
  • - friable powder;
  • - proofreader.


  1. Depending on the sizes of scar it is necessary to choose the adjusting means. If the hem quite noticeable then to cope with it only by means of decorative cosmetics it will not turn out. In this case you will need special soft wax which make-up artists use. Apply it on scar so that the drawing border was not noticeable. But it is not suitable for long socks as at temperature increase will just begin to flow. Categorically such product also is not suitable for places on face with active mimicry.
  2. Small shramik or traces from acne can be hidden by means of the special leveling base. Most often it becomes on the basis of silicone. Put it on all face over the moisturizing cream and well distribute. Silicone base it is required very little (the quantity of the size of pea will be enough for all person). Before imposing make-up, wait several minutes that the base has laid down on the person.
  3. Liquid tone means with dense covering will help to disguise scars. For this purpose take small amount of means and apply with finger or sponge it on the problem place, driving in into skin. Carefully shade drawing border. Fix tone means by friable powder. For more dense covering can be required to put several layers of foundation. It can be replaced with cream powder. But it can not give necessary dense covering.
  4. If tone means do not cope, use the special products created hiding shortcomings - proofreaders. Choose means with dense dry texture. Usually they are issued in the form of solid lipstick or stik that does their application especially convenient. Apply the proofreader with dabs on scar and carefully shade drawing border. From above record friable powder.
  5. At color scars use the principles of color correction. Red color is neutralized green, violet - yellow, and bluish - orange. But in pure form such proofreader seldom lays down successfully even at skilled masters. And not to go with color spots on face, masking of the proofreader will be required. Therefore over it liquid foundation is accurately applied. Besides to choose correct the color proofreader quite difficult. In packing there is pure color which on skin will look absolutely in a different way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team