How to disguise herpes

How to disguise herpes

Herpes is literally translated from Greek as "creeping". It really "creeps out" on the person at the slightest failure of immunity, cold. The main discomfort from herpes – the spoiled appearance because of rash of bubbles on skin and mucous membranes. How to hide herpes on lips if it after all has developed?


1. Not to mask herpes, try to prevent rash on skin. It is quite possible if within a day after manifestation of the first symptoms (pricking, itch, reddening) you apply on the painful site with thick layer Zovirax cream, "Acyclovir" or Pantsiklovir. Cream can be bought in drugstore without recipe. You put its at least 5 times in every day of 4-5 hours.

2. Dermatologists advise bubbles of herpes to cauterize fukortsiny or brilliant green. It is possible to use also colourless salicyl alcohol or Castellani. It is necessary to cauterize until the crust appears. If before putting decorative cosmetics wound not prizhech, there is probability of infection of sore.

3. Unpleasant "guest" in the form of herpes on face can be camouflaged, but only in case inflammation has appeared on lips. If sores and bubbles have developed on cheeks – dermatologists do not advise to cover them with foundation and powder. Bubble herpes on cheeks will pass quicker if to grease it only with dermatological medicines registered by the doctor.

4. The sore on lips can easily be hidden by means of lipstick. Lipstick should not be fat and nutritious. And also you do not apply dark, saturated lipstick – it will make sore only more noticeable. Light, almost corporal tone, on the contrary, will help to disguise herpes.

5. If part of sore leaves abroad lips, use foundation. Previously to apply on sore the moisturizing low-fat cream, then foundation which, by the way, should be put on all face otherwise herpes will become more visible. Use the fat-free foundation. Do not rub it, and slightly cover with brush not to tear off the hardened crust. From above the sore can be powdered.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team