How to disguise pigmental spot on face

How to disguise pigmental spot on face

Pigmentation on face is capable to spoil easily mood to any. But the special reasons for experiences will not be if the nobility as it is possible to hide small defects by means of cosmetics. Most of people considers that for this purpose rather only one powder or foundation, but it is not absolutely right. There is large number of the adjusting means allowing to hide the main shortcomings of skin which for achievement of bigger effect use before causing tone and powder today.


1. It is possible to carry creams, pencils, gels, concealers and proofreaders to the masking means. The difference between concealer and the proofreader is not so big, more it conditional as concealers of different flowers are called proofreaders, and corporal – and remain concealers. All means which usually use for masking should be selected, taking into account skin type.

2. If skin very dry, then for it is better to use liquid textures. And more dense concealers in the form of pencils as they keep much longer will be suitable for oily skin and better strike "surgical strikes" on pigmental spots.

3. All masking means differ only on coloring – they can be blue, white, brown or even orange color. But all of them are made only for masking of defects.

4. Can seem to many people strange that for masking of pigmentation it is better to use means of blue color or concealer of light-corporal color which has bluish shade, in turn, neutralized brown color of spots.

5. For freckles of dark-brown color it is the best of all to use white color of concealer or the light adjusting pencil. Over pencil it is necessary to cause tone with the minimum content of fat substances. Otherwise your make-up "will float" from heat of your own skin.

6. If the quantity of spots is high or they are very small, it is possible to level tone of skin by means of the violet proofreader. It is for this purpose better to apply it to skin by means of sponge. It is in that case important not to paint over scattering of brown spots, and just to kill their color. Then it is necessary to apply liquid foundation, and at the end to powder face transparent powder with suntan shade.

7. To disguise white spots, the dark proofreader is necessary. But be accurate, it is worth putting him so that means has not got for spot borders.

8. If there are spots of yellowish color, it is safely possible to use the lilac proofreader.

9. It is necessary to consider that in order that masking of pigmental spots was imperceptible and beautiful, it is worth remembering several usual rules: it is better to apply funds to the dry cleaned skin by means of fingers or latex sponge; after drawing to remove all surplus with napkin; after masking of the problem site of skin it is necessary to put tone means or powder on face; when putting foundation it is necessary to work very accurately not to damage camouflage layer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team