How to disguise pigmental spots

How to disguise pigmental spots

Pigmental spots can appear owing to hormonal imbalance in organism, for example, during pregnancy. Besides, they are capable to arise because of deficiency in organism of folic acid. In the latter case it is necessary to lean on bean and green vegetables with leaves. Pigmental spots not always look as brown blots of senile look. Young women can even have them and resemble usual freckles, only slightly the bigger size.


  1. The hyperpegmentation is often caused by excessive solar radiation. For this reason pigmental spots as well as freckles, arise on open parts of the body: on cheeks, forehead, hands, in the field of decollete. In certain cases light brown spots on skin are formed because of chronic disease, stress or intake of some drugs for a long time.
  2. The most common cause of hyperpegmentation - aging. Spots of brownish color on skin is congestion of melanin in epidermis, corneal layer and term. Over time cages of organism cease to control development of such pigment, and then he unevenly crowds in the form of not esthetic darkish spots. Besides, skin because of fatigue of cages becomes very dry and thin, like parchment paper.
  3. Also the external causes of hyperpegmentation which are caused by incorrectly carried out cosmetic procedure (for example, chemical peeling) or penetration into skin of some dyes – microscopic parts of soot, coal or graphite are possible. Than developing of hyperpegmentation has been caused, it is necessary to struggle with it, and together with the experienced cosmetologist. Otherwise spottiness can become much more noticeable.
  4. For oily skin most often use dense concealers in the form of pencils. They long keep and are well applied directly on pigmental spot. Proofreaders I can be the most various flowers – blue, green, orange, white, etc. It is necessary to apply means of blue color or light-corporal concealer with bluish shade which will be able to neutralize brown color of spot to correction of pigmentation.
  5. After the choice necessary on color of korrekto apply foundation to skin, it is desirable water-based. If there is a lot of pigmental spots also they small, level tone of the person by means of the violet proofreader. Visually to hide white spots on face (at vitiligo), the dark proofreader is necessary. If pigmental specks have yellowish shade, use the lilac proofreader.
  6. When you apply the proofreader to skin, try not to go beyond pigmental spot. Means it is put with finger, sponge or special brush if there are spots of the small sizes. If you have disguised pigmental spots correctly, you can choose the any kind of make-up suitable your tsvetotip of the person. You do make-up after creation of uniform tone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team