How to disguise time

How to disguise time

Enlarged pores meet at people of all age. Time on face can become is more noticeable because of excessive skin oiliness, in connection with hormonal changes and by many other reasons. To make skin is cleaner quite perhaps, it is worth making some efforts only.


1. Use emulsion or serum for narrowing of time. You put them daily before starting performance of make-up. It will help to moisturize the skin and to strengthen effect of foundation.

2. You cause base under make-up. It is desirable that it was with effect of reduction of visibility of time. Impose it the ascending spiral movements on those sites of skin which time is especially expanded. Level surface smooth movements. Consider that the majority of similar means are effective at the expense of the silicone which is contained in their structure therefore you should not be fond of them (you can hammer time even stronger).

3. Disguise time by means of foundation of dense teksturnost. Perfectly mousses or similar will suit them cosmetics. For the best effect use sponges when drawing (so you will put means with big layer). The main thing to be careful not to look unnatural. Or try to apply cream with hands. For this purpose slightly pull skin middle finger of one hand, and another you apply means on the site with enlarged pores. And only after that distribute foundation on all person.

4. Apply powder. It can be used as independently instead of foundation, and in tandem with it. If you have decided to apply it as basis for make-up, then try to wet slightly cool water small pillow for powder and only after that to use.

5. Use the proofreader. Pick up color precisely in tone of your skin, you apply it on that surface of face where time is most noticeable. It can be done as to foundation layer, and later.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team