How to dissolve henna for tattoo

How to dissolve henna for tattoo

For all who doubt whether to do tattoo drawings henna on skin can become interesting experiment. Advantage which tattoos henna have over all other types of tattoo – fragility. If the tattoo wants to be done for a while, it is necessary just to dissolve henna and to apply it – after a while the tattoo will descend.

It is required to you

  • small powder of henna, it is desirable specially intended for tattoos, lemon juice, additional components (not necessarily), the syringe, cotton tampons or napkins.


  1. For tattoos henna it is the best of all to use special powder of henna of fine crushing. Before parting, it should be sifted through sieve. After powder is prepared, it is possible to be engaged in solution preparation.
  2. The prepared powder of henna is filled in with lemon juice that gruel has turned out. Not too dense, but also not such liquid to spread. Now it needs to be stirred. When gruel becomes uniform, wrap it in bag and let's it lie down about day. Then color will be brighter and dense.
  3. If desired for tattoo it is possible to add additional components which will affect color to composition of henna. For example, if for tattoo to include basma or ground coffee in the recipe of henna, the drawing will turn out more dark. A little essential oil – and it will be much more pleasant to put pattern.
  4. Besides additional components, color of tattoo is affected also by color of the skin. Skin shade – one of major defining total color. Than skin is more dark, especially the drawing will become brown. On white skin it will be orange.
  5. Before applying weight for tattoo to skin, usually do easy peeling. It is also possible to wipe the site of skin with eucalyptus oil. For putting henna the syringe is used. Otherwise it is difficult to receive the thin line. When the drawing is finished, it is necessary to wait hour or two until henna dries and will be absorbed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team